We’ve been amazed at the generosity of our sponsors- every day more and more great stuff arrives at Stay Calm central for the raffles. Below you’ll find some of the things that we’ve had donated to whet your appetite for the big day!

For the sake of financial transparency:
100% of raffle monies collected will be deposited directly into the bank account of Shannon and Rachel’s daughter Ari.
All net profits from tshirts and prints will be deposited directly into the same account.
Any other questions about donations can be sent to my email at shawn@scarwars.net.

Donations from John Joyce, Scarab Body Arts Syracuse NY:
2 gift cards for custom scarification, plus the following Jewelry:

tigers eye 4g hanging spades

Tigers Eye 4g Hanging Spades

hanging wood with 16g stick

Hanging Wood with 16g stick

maya seven sixteenths wood hanging design

Maya 7/16: Wood hanging design

00g WBH coils

00g WBH Coils

8g coconut weights

8g Coconut Weights

Brass antique escutcheon earrings and finger ring

Brass Antique Escutcheon Earrings and finger ring

Donations from Brian Decker, Pure Body Arts NYC:
Gift Card for BME Logo Implant + Procedure.

Donations from Ryan Oullette, Precision Body Arts, NH:
Gift Card for 3hrs of Scarification Procedure.

Donations from Efix Roy, Empire Body Arts, Montreal:
Gift Card for Scarification Procedure.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 6.39.42 PM
Donations from Maya Organics, California:
Gift Cards for Body Jewelry (can be applied to wholesale orders!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 6.56.29 PM
Donations from Gorilla Glass, Mexico:
Gift Cards for Body Jewelry.

Donations from Jimmy Buddha/Diablo, Texas:
Organic Body Jewelry.

Glider Heart by Jeremy Smith

Donations from Jeremy Smith, Maryland:
Handmade implant grade stainless steel, Niobium and Silver one of a kind Glider Heart Pendant made exclusively by Jeremy Smith for STAY CALM!
This will be a silent auction item.

Donations from ROP:
Gift Card good for one suspension at the ROP Campout, August 2013 in Pittsfield, MA.

Donations from Bella Vendetta:
Adult DVDs/Web Memberships from/for: burningangel.com, Buck Angel, Crash Pad Series, Brutal Master, Erotic BPM, cocksexual.com, JulieSImone.com, and a few more!

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 7.07.47 PM
Donations from Johnny Thief, Seppuku Tattoo:
Tattoo Gift Certificate.

Donations from Brandon ‘Danger’ Bishop, Bishop Organics Pittsburgh:
Organic Body Jewelry.

Donations from Shawn Porter/Scarwars Philadelphia:
One 4×6 “Saints” Watercolor, painted in blood. These are from the early 2000s and very rare. The actual Saint to be determined. This will be a silent auction item.
One L Scarwars Hoodie.

Donated by Mixed Sponsors:
Stay Calm Megapack. This will contain mixed items; gift cards, shirts, etc. This will be a silent auction item.

Donation from Tatjana G:
Handmade BME Totebags!

Donation from Twitch, Pittsburgh PA:
Original painting.
This will be a silent auction item.

Donation from Diabolik DVD, New Jersey:

$50 Gift Card.

OTM Logo for shirts
Donation from Off the Map Tattoo, Easthampton MA:
Two OFF THE MAP TATTOO tote bags with a shirt, a hoodie, and a $100 gift certificate.

Donation from Luis Garcia, Philadelphia PA:
Gift Cards for piercing service fees with Luis at No Ka Oi tattoo.

Donation from Scylla & Corsetiere, Chicago:
$100 Gift Card good for anything in store.



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