I have a pretty gosh danged exciting announcement. Our host hotel is going to be: The Loews Philadelphia! It’s a super nice luxury hotel (one of the nicest hotels in the city) The rack rate is $329 a night, but my contact was able to negotiate 17 rooms for us (the LAST 17 rooms, ha!) for a crazy $179 a night for single or double occupancy. (two or four people) You’ll be able to request either a king bed or two queens when you book.

You can use this link to book:
(group rate option is now sold out and closed. Thanks to everyone who booked!)

For those of you looking for cheap airfare, don’t forget that we’re in the NE corridor, there are many many airports you can fly into! If you fly into Trenton, you can take a Septa train into philly (30 minutes, about $10). If you fly into Newark you can take amtrak into philly or NJ Transit to Trenton and then Septa to Philly (about 1.5 hours). If you fly into Washington DC you can take amtrak into philly (about 2 hours, $35). If you fly into NYC there’s about a dozen different cheap ways to get to philly in about 2 hours or so. If you fly into Atlantic city, you can take NJ transit into philly (about 45 minutes, $10). Or, rental cars can usually be found on hotwire or priceline for cheap.

Don’t forget to check these airlines! (flys into Trenton) (flys into Atlantic City) (Check Philly, DC, Newark) (into JFK or DC) (PHL, JFK, DC)

Most of these have to be checked separately, they don’t usually show up on the travel sites that search lots of airlines at once.

Philly Taxi Information


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