About us:

Since the inception of IAM, the Weirdos have been on of BME’s most active social groups. In addition to hosting the Bowling and Gambling with Weirdos events, Zombiethons, Ho Ho Hoedowns and more we’ve also travelled across the country (and beyond) to attend various IAM events.

Shawn met Shannon in 1995 and with him helped co-create BME/Extreme and ModCon as well as running the SPC site on BME’s servers. He’s also responsible for SCARWARS and Occult Vibrations.

Carmela met Shawn (and as a result her husband) through BME. She’s currently the co-owner of the Philadelphia bar that’s hosting the second half of the Stay Calm event.

Brian was one of the original hosts of the event that became Bowling with Weirdos and has been a tireless documentarian of the IAM scene since it’s beginnings. You could be sure that he and Cornelius would be at any east coast IAM event taking pics and keeping the memories alive.

Robin (who originally suggested hosting a Philly area memorial for Shannon) was an active IAM member who took part in several legendary IAM events that we can’t talk about here. Get it.

About the Event:
Stay Calm is our way of remembering the life of our friend Shannon. It’s grown exponentially since we started planning it and has morphed into a full day event that includes a family friendly park party as well as a more grown up event at an IAM Member owned bar. There will also be fundraising auctions with 100% of the profits going to Shannon’s daughter Ari.


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