Thank you!


Shawn Porter, Rachel Larratt, Todd Bertrang

I’ve finally found time to catch my breath after an amazing/emotional/exhausting/rad weekend; Stay Calm is behind us now and we’re left with a renewed sense of community for having done it. Seeing faces we hadn’t seen in years, meeting new old friends for the first time, telling stories, and having fun. I couldn’t really think of a better way to pay our respects to Shannon for the community he brought into being.

There will be more coming soon; pictures fron the park and the bar, fundraiser totals (Stay Calm believes in 100% financial transparency) and even event listings for upcoming IAM related functions, but for now, let me say a few thanks to the people who made this event go off without a hitch:

Thank you Carmela: Your ability to navigate the worlds of group rates, permits and planning are unparalleled.
Thank you Robin: When we were all too sad to think, you had the foresight to suggest doing a Weirdos hosted Memorial.
Thank you Brian: My consigliere for the last 13 years. Whenever I was stressed, your “I’m on it” was all I needed to hear.
Thank you Sahra: You were invaluable on a variety of levels.
Thank you Chez: Good LORD you can sell a fucking Jell-o shot.
Thank you Luis, Joe, V, Big Poppa Josh and Christine C for helping with everything else.

Thank you to all of the folks who came, had fun and donated generously to the cause; Ari and Rachel came up for the event and it was so great that she was able to see the influence her Dad’s life had on his friends and extended IAM/BME family.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Bella Vendetta
Bike Stop
Bishop Organics
Brian Decker
Diabolik DVD
Efix Roy
Gorilla Glass
Johnny Thief/Seppuku Tattoo
Maya Jewelry
Ryan Ouellette
Scarab Body Arts
Scylla & Corsetiere

Most of all- Thank you Shannon Larratt.
For 18 years you were my friend, my enemy, my mentor, my student, my devil’s advocate and more. I’m sorry that I’ll never get to break your balls over something you posted on Modblog, or bend your ear about some weird Sci Fi movie. I wish more than anything that we had one more day to just sit back, like we did under that tree in Tweed or on the beach in Mexico, and shoot the breeze about nothing important, just enjoying it for what it is.

We’re not going to remove this site post event; it’ll stay up as a reminder of a really great weekend with some of the finest people I’ve ever met and as a memorial to our friend.

Thank you everyone,


Shawn Porter
Philadelphia, PA
29th April 2013


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