Thank you, Shannon! (video submission request)


Hey folks!
So. We’re a week away from the STAY CALM memorial and the SC team is finally getting all of our ducks neatly in a row.

We’ve got 95% of the raffle items in hand (with the other 5% hopefully en route) and the shirt and print order off to the printers. We’ve got volunteers set up to help out at the bar, we’ve got a spot picked out at the park and we’ve even got a brunch scheduled for those of us who can get up early enough on Sunday to have a more reserved afternoon.

What we don’t have is you.

I know a lot of you folks would really love to make it here but for various reasons can’t. Can’t get time off work. Can’t get a sitter, a plane/bus/train/zeppelin ticket to Philadelphia, a hotel room, what have you.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t BE here, right?

One of the things that I’ll always remember Shannon for was him bringing the techie community and the body modification community together. It’s 2013. Most of us have computers with webcams, phones that can record in 1080p or handhelds that shoot damn near theatrical quality video.

What I’d like for you folks who can’t make it to do, if you still want to be here in spirit… is to record a short video talking about your connection to Shannon and the IAM/BME Community. How it’s affected your life. Met a spouse? Had a baby? Traveled to Mexico for BMEFest and used a swimming pool as a gravity bong?

Tell your story!

Then either upload it to YOUTUBE (tagged staycalmbme) or get a account and link me. We’re going edit them together and put them online; shared here on SCPhilly as well as BME. There are some great stories out there; sweet, funny, raunchy… let’s not let them be forgotten.

Oh. Did you guys like the STAY CALM Hand Screened print that Johnny Thief designed for us? Well get this! If you submit a video to the THANK YOU SHANNON! Project- your name goes into a drawing to have one sent to you on us! They’re available exclusively to attendees of the memorial, so you’ll be the coolest kid on your block!

Once you’ve got it online, email with the youtube or dropbox link and you’ll be set.

OH! This is really important. All submitted videos must be shot “properly”. Please watch the below video for best practice filming tips.

Videos should be under five minutes, 720dpi or higher if possible, m4v or mov format.


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