Glider Heart by Jeremy Smith
We’ve got some really fun stuff in the works, so.. Here’s the first big announcement:

I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the amount of folks who’ve signed up to come to Philly to say our respects to Shannon. To some of us he was a friend, to others a mentor… but to Ari- he was Dad.

I really want this event to be FUN, but to remind everyone that there is a somber note to the event as well. To combine the two- we’ve reached out to some of our friends in the industry and are going to be offering some AMAZING Raffle Prizes that will be up for grabs on 27th April!

100% of the Monies raised will go DIRECTLY to Ari!

Here’s what we’ve got so far- so keep checking back and bring some spare cash because this is can’t miss goodness!

Free Scarification gift card from John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts
Organic Jewelry courtesy of John Joyce/Scarab.
Free Scarification gift card from Ryan Oullette.
Implant Gift Card by Brian Decker.
$100 Gift Certificates from Gorilla Glass.
Organic Jewelry from Bishop Organics.
Gift Cards from Jimmy Buddha.
Gift Cards from Maya Organics.
Tattoo Gift Card from Johnny Thief.
Piercing service gift cards from Luis Garcia.
ONE OF A KIND “Glider Heart” Pendant by Jeremy Smith.
Free Suspension from ROP at this years ROP Campout.
An original SPC Blood Saint (vintage, son!) from Me.
Some rad tote bags from Tatjana.
Adult DVDs/Web Memberships from/for: burningangel.com, Buck Angel, Crash Pad Series, Brutal Master, Erotic BPM, cocksexual.com, JulieSImone.com, and a few more!

More coming soon!

Some of the raffles will be “Dutch Auction” style and others will be silent, but there are going to be some AMAZING things up for grabs and it’s for a super rad cause.

25 Days and counting, who’s as geeked as I am?


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