Over the years the Philadelphia Weirdos met so many amazing friends through our connection with IAM/BME/Shannon. We’d get in the car and drive 10 hours on a whim, just to attend an event that we were invited to. We’d fly to Mexico, Canada, drive all over the US to hang out with like-minded folks. On April 27th, we hosted a gathering in honor of a friend who left us too soon. It’s wasn’t  a wake or a memorial, but a celebration of not only Shannon, but the friendships we made through him.

The weekend had something for everyone, reminiscent of BME BBQs of the past. There was a picnic at the park, private suspensions, a party/fundraiser at a bar and the eventual hotel shenanigans that IAM events made famous.

We raised over $3600 in donations (thanks so much to our amazing sponsors, and to all of the folks who gave so freely) that were given directly to Ari Larratt via her Mother.

Stay Calm Facebook RSVP.



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